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Grandiose decor
Zermatt is the capital of the Matterhorn region with 38 peaks rising to over 4,000 metres. At this altitude, the mountains take on another dimension, with the highest skiing domain in the Alps, one of the best equipped in the world, offering 365 days of skiing per year and 300 days of sunshine. To perfect the quality of this highly protected environment, cars are not admitted.

Year-round skiing
Open year-round and boasting 350 km of slopes, Zermatt’s skiing domain offers its fans unlimited enjoyment. On the Théodule and Furgg glaciers, eternal snow resists the sun which shines 10 months out of 12. Every other year, in the spring, thousands of sports enthusiasts come to compete in the world’s toughest race on skis: the “Patrouille des Glaciers”.

The height of summer
Zermatt is also a paradise for summer sports and leisure activities. From the star t of the summer season, mountaineers set off to conquer the peaks while golfers head for the 9-hole course at the Golf Club Matterhorn. On the pathways, hikers admire the thousand-and-one marvels of the mountains, rivers and lakes.